Information Management Project Leader/SCRUM Master

The Information Management Project Leader/SCRUM Master has a high understanding of the project process and makes sure that it is followed by the team. The Master runs the daily meetings and will “run” the project and report progress to upper management quantitatively and dispassionately.


  • Responsible for enforcing values and practices of process and team
  • Remove impediments from Team
  • Remove barriers between Team and others
  • Educate outside groups about how Team is working
  • Improve productivity in any way possible
  • Guardian of the project process
  • Not a command-and-control manager
  • Maintaining the work and obsessively caring about the progress on it
  • Applying personal skill and judgment to everything on the project
  • Matching team member’s skills and aspirations as closely as possible to tasks in the sprints
  • Tracking all relevant metrics for each sprint, release and product
  • Ultimately ensure the team meets business objectives with existing or emerging technologies and work on MDM issues with broad technical or strategic implications
  • Have significant interface with the clients internal constituents and increase their confidence in the MDM projects
  • Ensure necessary documentation is completed and cataloged
  • Jump into critical path and challenging technical situations
  • Preparation of non-technical project documentation
  • Representation of project status outside the team


  • Proven experience with agile development
  • Worked on several projects in the SCRUM Master role
  • Domain knowledge and experience


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