MCG Benchmarking

At MCG, we love to get under the hood of our technology and put it to the test. We’ve been benchmarking new products and releases of data integration, big data (NoSQL, Hadoop, graph) systems, database management systems and master data management tools in dozens of “bake-offs” and “prove-its” we’ve done for our clients over the years. We’ve done it numerous times for our vendor clients as well in the process of developing our Vendor Enablement Services.

Now we offer MCG Benchmarking as an exclusive service to vendors in the information management space. Do you believe you have a unique value proposition to the market? Let MCG benchmark your solution using a simulated typical production environment (we know about those). De-risk and stabilize the sales cycle by letting your buyers know what to expect with your product. We can benchmark your product against the competition as well.

Communicate with numbers and dialog. As practitioners facing real challenges every day, we provide colloquial narrative for our benchmarks discussing the ramifications to the buyer.

Naturally, we continue to benchmark for our clients needing to plan a budget with relevant facts and metrics and identify opportunities for cost minimization and future-proofing infrastructures. We can add benchmarking to any Data Platform Selection.