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Selecting a Platform for Big Data

Data leadership is a solid business strategy today and many companies have made strides towards adopting Hadoop, yet have trepidation in making the final leap. This report addresses considerations in adopting Hadoop, classifies the Hadoop ecosystem vendors, and provides selection criteria for elements of the Hadoop cluster.

This report cuts out all the non-value-added noise about Hadoop and presents a minimum viable product (MVP) for building a Hadoop cluster for the enterprise that is both cost-effective and scalable.

This approach encapsulates broad enterprise knowledge and foresight borne of numerous Hadoop lifecycles through production and iterations. It gets the Hadoop cluster up and running fast and will ensure that it is scalable to the enterprise’s needs.

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid in NoSQL

NoSQL is a perfect storm of need and solution for many, but it comes with challenges. When reviewing successes and failures, it is clear that some good practices have been overlooked or ignored in the areas of product selection, project formation, cluster setup, and project design.

In this Ten Mistakes to Avoid, we identify the mistakes with the biggest impact on NoSQL implementation success and recommend solutions you can apply to your implementations.

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EBook: Information: The Next Natural Resource

I’ve spent my career looking at how large quantities of complex information affects every part of our lives and this is the most exciting time to be doing that. Information affects finances. Information affects your health. It affects the life choices presented to you. It cannot be overstated how important the accumulation of enormous sums of detailed data about all of us and every aspect of business is.

This ebook looks at the rise of machine data, the future sources of digital data and the technologies for enterprises to deploy now to be ready for the data economy.

Hadoop Integration Benchmark

With its support for batch and real-time data processing, Spark is one of the most exciting new tools in the big data space. And data integration is still the key “ingredient” that brings a variety of sources together, including real-time big data.

A new report by MCG Global Services evaluates leading integration vendors, and benchmarks their performance against two key criteria:

  • The depth by which a tool leverages Hadoop
  • The performance of integration jobs

The report notes that these key differentiators “could spell the difference for a “just-in-time” answer to a business question and a “too-little-too-late” result.”

Pushing Big Data to the Executive Edge

Fully utilized big data can give organizations a competitive advantage if they can get it to decision makers, or what we call the “executive edge.” But getting big data to that demographic requires the business intelligence (BI) community to help executives overcome their big-data dissonance.

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Embracing Analytics as a Competitive Strategy for a Midmarket Organization

Most organizations, regardless of size, struggle with how to best utilize and manage their important asset of data. However, a midmarket company can turn their data challenges into assets by matching the right technology and sidestep many of the information technology growing pains other companies have faced in years past. This white paper will discuss these challenges and suggest some strategies and solutions to turn midmarket data into a working asset.

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IBM Industry Data Models in the Enterprise

Learn how IBM Industry Data Models can help:

  • Technology decision makers gain the knowledge needed to make an actionable decision on whether an IBM Industry model is a good fit for a situation
  • Determine how best to lead a successful implementation
  • Give information technology leaders an understanding of IBM Industry Data Models, their components, their usage and how they fit in the overall information ecosystem of an organization

EBook: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data

Data is crucial in today’s business world and making smart data decisions upfront provides great leverage for successful long-term business results.

This ebook, written by Jim Harris of OCDQ Blog, pulls the insights from his interview with William McKnight, an internationally recognized authority in information management. Insights include:

  • Understanding the value of information
  • Data and ROI
  • Change management and data science

Big Data is no longer an opportunity. It is an asset that your organization must use. This ebook will help you grow your business with data.

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How to Deliver a Comprehensive Big Data Analytics Framework to Communication Service Providers

The communications service provider (CSP) industry has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. The
traditional model of competing on subscription plans is no longer an adequate business strategy.

This research report will explain how CSPs establish a framework for their analytics as well as review the
business drivers for telcos and the key benefits that big data analytics provide. It will also address the
impact of the business drivers and the advantages of streaming analytics, combined with the ability to
harness big data to meet several CSP competitive requirements. It will conclude by summarizing this
comprehensive big data analytics framework for CSPs.

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NoSQL Evaluator’s Guide

This paper is for technology decision makers confronting the daunting process of selecting from this fast-growing category of data management technologies. it will introduce a set of comparative features that should be used when selecting a NoSQL technology for your workload and your enterprise. there are many common features as well across NoSQL  databases, but even these have implementation nuances that should be understood.

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